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Aerial Filming

Federal Aviation Association Regulations: Production Considerations  

There are special guidelines from the FAA when flying drones in the National Airspace of the United States of America. If the production has any of the following conditions, the producer will need to obtain a wavier from the FAA in order for any license drone pilot to legally fly. A wavier can take up to 90 days to get approved, so please plan accordingly. In certain cases waivers can be expedited. 

  • Flying from a moving vehicle (boat, car, training) while operating a drone (allowed in sparsely populated area) 

  • Flying directly over people 

  • Flying at night

  • Flying within a 5 mile radius of an airport 

  • Flying in airspace  A,B,C, D or E


There are certain conditions in which flying a drone are strictly prohibited. 

  • Operating a drone from another aircraft

  • Flying in a National Park 

  • Flying in a temporary restricted area

  • Flying over certain government installations such as the DOJ and Prisons

  • Flying over certain large facilities like a sports arena or stadium. 

  • Flying in natural disaster areas 

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